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Langkawi Eagle Square

Langkawi, ' The Jewel of Kedah', The best attractions in Langkawi make the most of the natural landscapes, expansive parks, and iconic structures that no first-time visitor should skip on their travel itinerary. 

As one of Malaysia's best known and most popular beach destinations, the massive island is home to historical attractions, great fare, excellent diving opportunities, exciting diving opportunities, exciting nightlife and dirt-cheap shopping

Eagle Square

Eagle Square

The reddish-brown eagle at 'Dataran Lang' was built as an emblem of the island. According to folklore Langkawi's came from two Malay words - 'Helang' (eagle) and 'kawi' (reddish brown) : hence lang-kawi


Kota Mahsuri

The best known legend of Langkawi is of Mahsuri, a pretty maiden who lived in Langkawi between 1762 and 1800. The story goes that Mahsuri, the daughter of Pakdak Mayah & Cik Alang, grew up to be a beautiful young woman of marrying age

Wildlife Park & Bird Paradise

Enjoy new exposures to some amazing, fun and close interactions with animals. Feel the animal's sense inside you by touching them, feeding them and have up-close interactions with some unique species. 


Cable Car & Sky Bridge

Hovering over jungle and climbing over 550 million years old rock, Skycab give you more than one unique experience. Be informed, Skycab is located at the oldest part of South East Asia and the first to emerge from the ancient sea and estuary! 

Langkawi Sky Bridge is a 125 metre-long curved pedestrian bridge that offers an exhilarating (and sometimes terrifying) view of the verdant Gunung Mat Cincang, Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls, and several islets surrounding Langkawi


Sevel Wells Waterfall

Mysteriously enchanting, remarkably beautiful. Locals believe that the Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells) Waterfalls are home to fairies, but could it be the lavish flora and fauna that paint this destination magical? 


Dayang Bunting Lake

The legend of Dayang Bunting Lake goes like this. The favourite bathing pool of a celestial princess name Mambang Sari was said to be Dayang Bunting Lake (Lake of the Pregnant Maiden)

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